Allen Industries has five manufacturing facilities in Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina; Clearwater, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; and Toledo, Ohio. Each of these facilities is a full manufacturing plant with vacuum forming, fabrication and production capabilities. Allen Industries also has a facility in the Detroit metro area.

Allen Industries – Corporate Headquarters

Greensboro, North Carolina
Our Corporate headquarters is a high-volume manufacturing plant where large-quantity orders for national programs are produced. Customers appreciate the Corporate Division’s capacities in both manufacturing and distribution space. Being centrally located in the middle of the East Coast, we are able to ship and distribute signage efficiently and economically to numerous points along the coast and into the Midwest. Thermal plastics, distortion screening, awnings, architectural elements and signs of all types are manufactured in this plant. This facility also encompasses many of our administrative departments, including Accounting, Sales, Art & Design, Engineering and Production teams.

Allen Industries – Architectural Division

High Point, North Carolina
The Architectural Division houses the administrative personnel for the majority of Allen’s Project Management and Production staff. When detail and workmanship are of the utmost importance, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in High Point produces architectural elements such as towers and fascia systems for projects of all sizes. Being able to supply the customer with high-end architectural type signage as well as architectural elements allows Allen to offer both large and small project capabilities. Custom signage and letters are also often part of high-end architectural packages for arenas, stadiums, developments, hospitals and other large-scale projects.

Allen Industries – Florida Division

Clearwater, Florida
The Clearwater facility handles national, regional and custom accounts and functions similarly to our Corporate plant, producing thermal plastics, distortion screening, awnings, letters and signs for national accounts and local custom clients. It is equipped with the same production equipment as in our Greensboro facility. Separate installation and service crews are stationed in Clearwater for any and all service, maintenance and installation needs. This division also houses such administrative personnel as Accounting, Sales, Project Management, Art & Design, Engineering and Production.

Allen Industries – Arizona Division

Allen Industries Arizona DivisionPhoenix, Arizona
Our Phoenix production plant is designed to assist in manufacturing and distributing inventoried product for our West Coast customers. This plant produces similar items as our Corporate and Clearwater plants and allows Allen to cover the distribution to the Western states.

Allen Industries – Midwest Division

Toledo, Ohio
In March 2016, Allen Industries acquired Harmon Sign, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. This acquisition greatly expands Allen’s manufacturing capacity in the Midwest. With a similar long history, state-of-the-art equipment and a total commitment to superior customer service, Harmon is an ideal fit with the Allen company culture. Allen/Harmon also has a facility in the Detroit metro area.

National Service & Repair Program

A team of highly trained Customer Service Representatives, dedicated to the implementation and dispatch of national service and repair programs, is located at every Allen Industries facility. This unit works with a team of qualified subcontractors located throughout North America (and Hawaii), and is responsible for addressing all maintenance needs of our national customers.