Video: How to Make Channel Letters

June 6, 2018

Drive down the highway or walk down the street, and you’ll notice something pretty quickly.

Channel letters are everywhere.

Whether on the bright, catchy signage of quick-service restaurants or on the proud and bold signs of leading hospitality brands, our world is being infiltrated with signs and channel letters that are all clamoring for our attention (“Pick me! Pick me!”).

It’s almost easy to take for granted that channel letters exist and survive the elements.

But to fabricate channel letters that follow a company’s brand standards, catch the eye of consumers, and last a long time is surprisingly more intricate – and interesting – than you may have thought.

Check out this video featuring Tony Hartzell, a seasoned letter fabrication leader at Allen Industries’ Ohio Division, to learn how to make channel letters and all of the science that goes into the channel letters you see everywhere.


Do you have any questions about how to make channel letters or how Allen Industries fabricates channel letters specifically? Let us know in the comments below!

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