PROJECT TYPEQSR – Prototyping and Program Development
BILL OF MATERIALSPolycarbonate and Aluminum Signage, LED Illumination, Cantilevered Awnings, Monuments, Channel Letters

Arbys pre-installation 02Allen Industries has been a dedicated partner of Arby’s for 15 years, having installed and serviced over 1,000 locations for both company-owned restaurants and franchisees. Along with its food offerings, Arby’s is continually looking for ways to refresh its image, paying homage to its former “hat” logo while offering a modern look.

From designing and manufacturing standard program displays to the pinnacle-shaped exterior signage and LED trim, Allen Industries has worked diligently to bring the latest innovative ideas to Arby’s imaging. After testing various design alternatives in 2013 and early 2014, Arby’s is now in the process of remodeling a number of its company-owned restaurants in conjunction with its new “Inspire” branding campaign. The improvements include updates to the restaurants’ interiors and exteriors, a fresh new color palette that ties to the brand colors, strong geometric shapes, and subway tiling.

Incorporating polycarbonate, aluminum and LED illumination, the signage achieves a new level of visibility and excitement. Customers are greeted by cantilevered red awnings at primary touch points (drive-throughs, entranceways, etc.), new internally-illuminated signage, and enhanced lighting for strong visual impact at night.