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Architectural Elements

At Allen Industries, we pride ourselves on using the best architectural elements in the industry to offer you the high-quality designs, durability and convenience you need to capture your customers’ attention.

That’s why we use an innovative approach to building elements for all of our customers.

Prefabricated architectural elements, manufactured and staged in one of Allen’s state-of-the-art facilities, provide numerous benefits over conventional framed field constructed elements. From year-round installation to elements that last 40+ years, you can benefit from this construction and installation approach.

Harbor Freight Architectural Elements
Schewels Home Architectural Elements

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Why Architectural Elements are Better

Prefabricated Offsite Construction

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  • Aluminum framed modules
  • ACM / aluminum
  • Year round installation
  • Warranties up to 40 years
  • High durability
  • Replaceable components
  • Reduction of field time
  • Reduction of cost
  • Install while store open

Conventional Framed Field Constructed Elements

  • Conventional stick framing
  • EIFS / stucco
  • Seasonal installation
  • Limited warranties
  • Limited durability
  • Costly to repair
  • More crews and longer time frame
  • Higher cost
  • Typically requires facility to be shut down

Save Time & Money

Our unique system of prefabricated modular installation means that we can assemble and install faster than traditional methods, all while keeping your doors open.

Weeks Spent on Upgrades

Allen is Faster Compared to Conventional Construction

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