We are dedicated to our industry.

Senior management at Allen Industries has played a leadership role in the sign industry over the years with its distinguished history of active participation in industry organizations and associations.

Principals Tom Allen (president), John Allen (executive vice president), David Allen (divisional president) and other top executives at Allen Industries have held numerous committee, board and chair positions in the industry’s leading associations.

International Sign Expo 2012 #2Tom Allen is a past president of the Southern States Sign Association, is a past chairman of the International Sign Association and, to date, has served on the International Sign Association board for nine years. He has also served on the board of the Southeast Sign Association for five years, and is a past president of that organization.

John Allen is a past president of the International Sign Association and continues to serve on the executive committees of the ISA, and has been consistently involved in a range of ISA committees over the years. He is a past president of World Sign Associates and has been a chair or member of numerous WSA committees.

David Allen was elected 2008 president of WSA, and has also served in a range of high-level positions in that organization. He has also held several key positions in the Southern States Sign Association.