CLIENTFamily Dollar Stores, Inc.
PROJECT TYPERetail – Tower / Fascia Systems
BILL OF MATERIALSFree-standing Pylon, Vacuum Formed Signage, Architectural Element / Tower, Awnings. LED Lighting, Banners

Family Dollar has been a strong Allen Industries partner for over 35 years.

Not long ago, this national retailer desired to update its image. With many of its 8,000-plus stores located in strip shopping centers, Family Dollar wanted to refresh not only its logo, but the stores’ exterior facades as well.

In addition to designing a new graphic image to accompany the traditional Family Dollar letter signage, Allen Industries developed an architectural element program that includes an aluminum “tower,” which can be easily manufactured and installed on a large scale to enhance the front entrances of the stores. At some locations, the tower extends above the shopping center roofline, giving Family Dollar an even stronger visual impact and presence. Overall, this updated signage program has dramatically enhanced Family Dollar’s image with a “refreshed” look that is also highly durable.

To increase production efficiency and lower manufacturing costs, Allen Industries developed the vacuum-formed letters for Family Dollar that can be produced on a large scale at all four of Allen’s manufacturing facilities. In addition, fluorescent tube lighting was converted to LED lighting that is energy efficient and longer lasting, reducing the frequency of bulb replacement.