CLIENTMack Trucks, Inc
PROJECT TYPEAutomotive – ReBranding
BILL OF MATERIALSArchitectural Grade Pylon Signage, LED Illumination, ACM Materials, DayLite Technology, Single Faced Wall Mounted Cabinet

Although the headquarters of Mack Trucks and Allen Industries are located less than a mile apart near Interstate 40, the two had never worked together until Allen Industries was invited to bid for Mack’s re-imaging and signage contract.

Allen Industries’ staff sprang into action, holding an internal contest among its designers over a four-day period. The competition led to several innovative designs that were presented to Mack for consideration. After presentations from Allen and other vendors, Mack chose the Allen design, which Allen then made into a prototype for Mack’s review.

In the end, Allen Industries’ responsiveness, design and engineering services, outstanding program management, quality control and manufacturing capabilities were all factors that persuaded Mack to choose its neighbor over the other competing signage firms.

Allen Industries updated Mack’s bulldog logo to a prouder, stouter and more muscular image that conveys the strength and reliability of the company and its products. The new design program is being implemented at Mack’s 300 plus sites across North, South and Central America. During the day, the robust architectural-grade signs portray the bulldog in what appears to be black outline with light accents. At nightfall, LED lights reverse the image so that the bulldog is outlined in white light and its features are accented by black. The sign makes use of an aluminum frame, thin sheets of high-density aluminum carbonate material (ACM), and innovative DayLite™ technology to accomplish this striking transformation.