Your sign project is in very good hands. We perform project due diligence, and take complete charge of site audits, surveys and permit procurement.

Site Surveys — Your successful sign program is founded on successful surveying

  • We have a time-proven and field-tested method of accurate site survey planning and implementation.
  • We maintain essential communication with all parties, exercise teamwork, maintain detailed records, and deliver the resulting data in a format that meets your requirements.
  • Site Survey Sample

Permitting Code Checks – We ask the right questions

  • What are the permit fees, required permit drawings, and permit processing times?
  • What are the current zoning ordinance classifications and requirements for maximum square footage, height, illumination and quantity restrictions for all exterior sign types by location?
  • What are the existing regulations, allowances, grandfather clauses, related to sign setback, projection limits, remodeling and replacement of existing signs?

Variance research – We go the extra step to secure the largest sign possible for your location.

  • Does existing signage meet existing code?
  • Are variances in place?
  • Will variances be required to make property changes?
  • Have site conditions changed?
  • Is existing exterior signage located appropriately based on current conditions?