Because Image is Everything

Make sure your image stays in perfect condition. Depend on Allen Industries for all your service and maintenance needs.

When you make a service call to Allen Industries –

  • Expect a prompt response, often within 48 hours. We work with one of the largest networks of qualified bonded and insured sign technicians in the nation.
  • Expect to pay a reasonable price for repairs, and if your sign is under an Allen Industries warranty, we repair it for free.

National customers reap a range of benefits by participating in our National Service Program. A service and repair contract with Allen Industries means –

  • Prompt repairs by a skilled local technician.
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair needs by our dedicated National Maintenance Program staff.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Standardized documentation for all service calls.
  • A single invoice covering multiple locations, meaning less paperwork crosses your desk.
  • An opportunity to be covered by our Hurricane Response Plan, a program which expedites repairs to your properties following severe storms.