CLIENTThe Sol Group
PROJECT TYPEPetroleum – Service Station Branding
BILL OF MATERIALSGraphic Standards, Installation Manuals, Pylon and Monument Signs, Site Lighting, Canopies, Poster Frames, Vinyl Graphics for Gas Pumps

The Sol Group, headquartered in Barbados, is the largest independent petroleum marketing company in the Caribbean, operating 480 service stations in 23 countries. Since 2009, when Sol began a major expansion throughout the islands, Allen Industries has assisted the company with its imaging and branding, including compiling a comprehensive graphic standards and installation manual.

To help offset the potential freight costs and risk of damage involved in shipping signage products overseas, Allen Industries has done extensive value engineering to design and produce durable, yet cost effective, branding elements. Allen has also helped Sol reduce energy costs by converting its signage to LED lighting.

Allen Industries currently designs and manufactures a wide array of Sol pylon and monument signs, lighting, canopies that shelter the gas pumps, poster frames that contain advertising, and more. These products are carefully examined to ensure quality control and are meticulously packed in crates for shipping to the service stations, where they are unpacked and installed by local subcontractors specially trained by Allen Industries.